Thursday, 6 August 2009

Big Chillage

Bit of a last minute post as the festival starts tomorrow but just before I pack my bags to go to the Big Chill I thought I'd post up what;s going down for anyone attending the fest...

Two of the crew from MAW have recently recorded a 30 minute soundtrack to a yet to be made zombie movie (I know, it's a strange concept but we dig it) filmed and shown on loop at this coming weekend's Big Chill festival. The soundtrack will be played from one of 6 wrecked cars at the Dereliction Drive-In and MAW will be getting their hands dirty painting said car pre festival and potentially turning into the undead themselves on thursday night...

Another slice of the MAW Big Chill adventure will presented, on a wooden board, on saturday where MAW will perform a rare live set. Using stripped down equipment and duelling Suffolk synths, picking up transmissions from the ether and fried field tape recordings we expect some deep drones, space echo'ed lines, arpeggiatedelayathons and horses eating. (time TBC)

The final slice of the Big Chill steak and MAW pie, go on, just one more piece, it's the Cosmic Jamboree. MAW will host a sunday afternoon, playing psyche, Hypnogogic wall prog, exotica, discoid, yacht rock, electronik and boogie together with live sets from Laura J Martin & The Simon Sound. We will also be distributing MAW masks over the afternoon which are absolutely free, baby. And we're notstopping there, badges and stickers will be available too, no free jelly though this time:(
Sunday 12-5pm

See you thereabouts!

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