Wednesday, 29 July 2009

MAW - Zombie Movie O.S.T now available!

This first run of 20 C60 cassettes (double sided) are now available directly from Space Weather Sounds. MAW have dragged the toxic soil and deeply lowered the tones for this 30 minute Zombie movie soundtrack. Recorded live to tape with no overdubs utilising a dead piano, synths, pedals, bowed guitar, home made electronics and shortwave a semi derelict room the outside world tries to claw it's way in...barricade the doors and windows.

Check the excerpts on our music player for a taste of distorted heavy ambience.

This limited debut release (40 tapes) is numbered with a hand made, sprayed, stamped cover and label, with badge and sticker included in the package. The cassette is £5.00 + P&P and can be ordered directly from SWS. Please send a message via myspace or email for order enquiries and we'll calculate the postage to your location. We accept paypal and cash hidden in envelopes (for UK free postage!).


Anonymous said...

Got mine! Top stuff.

pete fowler said...

thanks Anonymous, look out for new releases over the next months and clips on out myspace page.

Matthew said...

Don't have a cassette player anymore, unless I have an old walkman laying about, any chance of a limited cd release?