Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Final Post!

I'm proud to announce the launch of my new website today at! Hoorah!
Also going to freeze this blog and starting writing posts on the new site's blog so please point yourself at that for future news and shtuff.

So long blogspot, it's been great to know ya!

See you all over on monsterism island!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Yacht Rock EP12

Oh man, the latest, and looks like possibly the last (with Hollywood Steve anyway) episode of Yacht Rock is so incredible. They've raised the bar on a galactic level!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Astral Winds teaser movie

I’m sure we all have lots on our minds at the moment, a hung parliament? Who knows as I type this morning…To take your mind off the politricks for a minute here’s a taster of our forthcoming 7″ on Static Caravan (dropping at the end of the month) ‘High Tides/Astral Winds’. An Excerpt from the Astral Winds track along with a truly cosmic sailing movie.

Have a great weekend and see you with a new (?) government soon.

Click HERE for the post.

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Loooong time noooo posting! Well, on the eve of the politrickal event we find ourselves in the midst of, along comes billbored. Projecting uploaded billboard designs around London over the last few days created by a host of designers, artists and spoon bending experts, BILLBORED brings illuminated power to the people to various London landmarks. Click the link above for more info and a gallery of the designs and projection pics, meanwhile below is my moaning image. Brought to you by a cosmic cycling Pearly King! Also click here for a nice mention in Creative Review.
See you on the other side...

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Seahawks Friday download 11

From a yacht moored in a misty cover wafts this sonic goo, controlled remotely from land by the captain. It’s his watch this week and none shall pass. There’s a cryptic hint at the forthcoming govern-mental hoo-ha deep here somewhere. Can you spot it?

Sky Pigs we like to call this one.

Have a terrific weekend!

Go get it!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Seahawks - Tender Abyss (blr03)

Seahawks' first release 'Tender Abyss' (3"CD) is now for sale through bunkland records. This is the first of 3 forthcoming Seahawks releases, next up is a picture 7" through Static Caravan available soon (inc. ltd Seahawks CD) and following that a 12". More info to come soon but in the meantime here's more info on Tender Abyss...

"After two cassette tape releases on the Space Weather Sounds label, ‘Zombie OST’ and ‘Illusion Ship’, Pete Fowler and Jon Tye release their next slice of sonic exploration under their Seahawks moniker.

Seahawks are better known for their amalgam of cosmic synth, yacht rock, beach pop and deck shoe gaze but in ‘Tender Abyss’ they deliver a new age/deep listening mini opus - 18 minutes of fluttering moogs, pulsing synth, sun fried guitars and celestial banjo.

Continuing the nautical theme that can be found in many of their works, here Seahawks explore the depths of the ocean, taking you on an underwater trip that could you leave you seriously but pleasantly disorientated.
Finding vast pockets of air caught deep within subterranean caverns at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean yielded fascinating results for the crew, interesting new modulations were discovered and logged along with some unique visual distortions.
After many hours spent in a decompression chamber Seahawks finally made it back to the surface with the fruits of their underwater safari."

Their sonic experiments and field recordings were analyzed and edited together to create an aural experience for the listener at home, a wonderful and fascinating taste of the deep."


Saturday, 17 April 2010


Sneek peek at the new Seahawks 'Tender Abyss' 3" CDR on bunkland recordings coming out on Monday, available from bunkland direct, Rough Trade and Seahawks direct. More info to come soon.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Seahawks Friday download 10

Good morning ashy world! It’s Friday again (hoorah!) and this time we have a Seahawks concoction for y’all to scoop up. The captain got his bad self off the beach long enough to cook up this meaty slice of nautical lover’s reggae. We’ve both been getting into the reggae flavoured side of smooth rock and this is our tribute to the often cod reggae sound of the 70’s.

Enjoy your fridays and once again have a fantastic weekend, oh, and don’t forget record store day tomorrow. Support your local record shop!

p.s. This track will be included on the free CD with our forthcoming picture seven inch release on Static Caravan! More info VERY soon on that one. That makes it THREE Seahawks releases coming soon!

Get the track HERE

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Time And Space Machine LP Launch this friday!

The Time & Space Machine Album Launch Mix. Launch at The Camp, City Road, London 16th April 2010 – Free Entry.

Richard Norris, one half of acclaimed psych-plunderers Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve, releases his first full-length solo album as The Time and Space Machine.

There have been four official The Time and Space Machine releases to date, including the mini-lps 'volume one' (2008) and 'volume two' (2009). As you may have gathered from the name, this project is an outlet for Norris's most flightily cosmic tendencies, anchored with rhythms derived from disco, Krautrock and slo-mo Balearica. "this is the first time I've made an album pretty much on my own," says Norris of the new, self-titled record, released by Tirk. "apart from two days laying down drums with ace beatnik drum-lord Wildcat Will and a couple of vocal sessions, this record was pieced together solo over many months in a room beneath a castle in Lewes, eussex, England. it's a different dynamic making a record on your own, and allowed the record to grow in its own particular way. after years collecting, releasing, writing and thinking about psychedelic music, I've finally put my formative influences onto a set of tunes”.

This is a taste of what you can expect on the 16th of April – arrive early to see the psychedelic film ‘More’ by Pink Floyd.

The Trip Festival May 28-30th

I'm DJing at the awesome sounding The Trip festival in North Wales next month. A great line up in a beautiful spot, what more could you want?
Tickets can be purchased here.

"The Trip festival is a three day family friendly camping weekend of live music, DJ's, theatre, poetry and craft workshops.
It takes place on the North West coast of the majestic Isle of Anglesey on the beautiful Carrgewlyd Estate. This is the first time an event of its kind has been staged in Llanfaethlu and we at The Trip HQ feel very privileged and excited to share it with you.

This unique site has woodland walks and stunning views across the Irish Sea. Only a short walk offsite is one of Anglesey’s popular beaches Church bay, also known as Porth Swtan. If you would like to wander further afield a short drive over the Menai straits will see you in Snowdonia National Park.

The Trip team are providing you with some of the UK's finest DJ's, offering you the best in Balearic, Disco, Psychedelic and Electronic dance music.
Live acts for the festival have been very carefully chosen and curated by the team, so expect to discover something new. The Trip also has a special focus on supporting new, up and coming talent from Wales and the UK.

Expect quality Psych-folk// Pyschedelia//Cosmic rock// Americana//Balearic//Disco and a few surprises into the mix.

Children will have their own area of interactive craft workshops, wood carving, Circus skills, poetry, theatre and storytelling.
Food and drink will be sourced from local producers, expect a very Welsh twist!
We hope to provide you with all the entertainment you need, chilling on the beach included.

The Trip really is the perfect place to spend your Bank holiday weekend. So let’s hope the weather is kind to us!
This year promises to be a very intimate affair with limited camping spaces available, so please purchase your tickets sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

There will also be limited day tickets available.

Thank you, hope to see you in May

The Trip Team."

Monday, 12 April 2010

The Master of Colour - Brian Wildsmith

This is a must see, one of the greats of British illustration.

The Master of Colour - Brian Wildsmith
24 March - 24 April 2010
Illustration Cupboard
22 Bury Street, St James's London, SW1Y 6AL


Here's an interesting and slightly unsettling website I was shown today. It calculates how much your vote is worth in the area you live.
Worth at least 30 seconds of your time and makes you think does my vote really count?
Not in Hackney apparently!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Tweed Run 2010

Had an excellent Saturday on the Tweed run, click here for a line up photograph on the steps of the Tate before we set off on our jaunt across London. Roll on next year's merry japes!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Can cats stand up?

Yes they can.

Seahawks Friday download 9

It’s Friday again and can’t believe a week ago I was in the same county as the captain. Ahh Kernow… Anyway, both us shipmates have been busy this week prepping our forthcoming 12′ so we present to you one of our fave tracks at the moment. America’s Ventura Highway. Smooth moves for a friday, friends.

Have a suntastic weekend!
Get it HERE

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Big Chill Bar next week weds 14th

Just had confirmation for our guest spot next wednesday and we are proud to announce it's Tom Furse from The Horrors! We've gone for a Tropical Electronics theme to the night so expect a wide range of humid and brightly coloured sounds emanating from the system.

Come on down and bring your mosquito repellant and sun creams.

Big Chill Bar,
91-95 Drays Walk (off Brick Lane)
London E2 6QL

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Deckades custom peek

Wee detail of one of the two decks I've done for the Deckades show that Howies and Shiner are putting on for a month in their (Howies) Bristol shop. Tons of boards from the past alongside custom boards created specially for the show.
Click here for more info and a mouth watering trailer...!

Split Cream show

unfortunately the Split Cream show has been delayed. More info to follow...

Monday, 5 April 2010

Friday, 2 April 2010

Seahawks good friday download 8

This ‘holy’ weekend I find myself in the same county as the Captain, though at the opposite end but we both can feel the vibes that are present in this (good) Friday’s track, Cruisin’. Put on your jumper and sunnies, get out your rusty speedboat from the garage and go for a cruise. Dont forget the emergency flares and hip flask!

Have a great weekend.

Go get the track!

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

On the wall

Rob Parsonson, floating on from Chris' archive and elsewhere...'88 onwards...

Monday, 29 March 2010

Split Cream Show this week!

Just a re post for the Split Cream show this week. Unfortunately I can't attend as I'm going to be in the mystical country of Kernow. I've checked and signed my prints today and they look GREAT!

Opening Thursday:April 1st, 6 - 10pm
Exhibition:1/04/10 - 05/05/10 at Dalston Superstore

This April Dalston based art-worker, Mathew Humphrey curates a screen print exhibition celebrating it’s continuous relationship to left field music. The work on display pays respect to print making as a process and visual tool used by the musicians in developing an individual identity. This process decorates music culture with a distinctly visual yet rough casual desire which is present within promotional material, album covers and tour memorabilia.

Click for more info

Exhibiting Artists:
Casper williamson, Jamie Winder, Jonas Ranson, Lady Lucy, Mathew Humphrey, Peter Fowler, Rachel Sale,Tom Eastland + more t.b.c
Musicians Represented:
Arthur Russell, Billy Childish, The Bordoms, Crystal castles, Cornershop, Ebe Oke, Limpwrist, Micachu & the shapes, Primavolta, The XX + more.

Oh man....

El Capitano has just scored a copy of this for me ON VINYL in a record shop in Brighton!
Been chasing this bad boy for YEARS!
Thanks Cap'n!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Seahawks Friday download 7

No new Seahawks track this week, as you can see the captain is having a well earned nap after some work on deck. This Friday we bring to you one of our fave yacht rock tunes, Hall und Oates ‘When the morning comes’. A beauty of a tune that’s sure to tickle your Friday feeling. Until next week shipmates.

Have a fantastical weekend on the high seas.
Seahawks friday download 7

Skate drawing some more

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Skate drawings

Here's a selection of some of my very recent sketches inspired by the flurry of ye olde skate photos.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Nostalgic skate & BMX photos

My brother Chris has been uploading loads of old skate & BMX pics to facebook which makes me realise how much I miss skating, particularly at spots like this at St Newlyn East (RIP) and (not pictured but still alive) Playing Place.

The hottest chip and hot vids

Loving the video for my fave neighbour's band Hot Chip at the moment directed by Peter Serafinowicz.
Embedding the vid is disabled on youtube so just click here

On the subject of videos, I saw this recently and loved it.

This also ROCKS. Oneohtrix Point Never 'Russian Mind' directed by Nate Boyce. Saw OPN in London last week with No Fun Acid and twas awesome and in the words of Mr Lopatin 'SICK'.

Right then, off for a pub lunch, enjoy your sunday situations.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Seahawks Friday Download 6

Click HERE for the new Seahawks Friday Download - Sun Trails.

Have a spiffing weekend.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Split Cream Exhibtion

Opening Thursday:April 1st, 6 - 10pm
Exhibition:1/04/10 - 05/05/10

This April Dalston based art-worker, Mathew Humphrey curates a screen print exhibition celebrating it’s continuous relationship to left field music. The work on display pays respect to print making as a process and visual tool used by the musicians in developing an individual identity. This process decorates music culture with a distinctly visual yet rough casual desire which is present within promotional material, album covers and tour memorabilia.

Click for more info

Exhibiting Artists:
Casper williamson, Jamie Winder, Jonas Ranson, Lady Lucy, Mathew Humphrey, Peter Fowler, Rachel Sale,Tom Eastland + more t.b.c
Musicians Represented:
Arthur Russell, Billy Childish, The Bordoms, Crystal castles, Cornershop, Ebe Oke, Limpwrist, Micachu & the shapes, Primavolta, The XX + more.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Cate Le Bon

This is an amazing video for a beautiful song. Well done all, you rock (softly).

Cate Le Bon - Shoeing the Bones from casey raymond on Vimeo.

Beaver Lake Cree vs Tar Sands

As well as risking runaway climate change, expanding tar sands developments in Alberta, Canada, are bringing about a local ecological disaster with profound consequences for indigenous communities such as the Beaver Lake Cree Nation.

Not willing to stand by and let this happen, the Beaver Lake Cree have launched a legal challenge to stop further tar sands developments within its ancestral lands, taking on not just the governments of Alberta and Canada, but also the world’s largest oil companies.

I'm very happy to announce my involvement and have designed two t-shirts to help raise funds for their challenge against the tar sands developers and the government.
Please give your support to this campaign if you can as we can't let 'the man' get away with this bulls**t.

Click here for more info

Many thanks.


I've designed a couple of tees for the Haiti Benefit @ The Roundhouse. Here's the link to check them out, buy one... hell buy a few, it's a super worthy cause!

Here's one of the two tees, black print on a white shirt.

Seahawks The Vinyl Cut

New Seahawks movie HERE

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Past Blast

Mr Barney recently passed on an old photo of a painting I did in a vacant shop on Oldham St Manchester and thought I'd post it.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

John Cale by Pete Fowler

A portrait of the Welsh music legend John Cale for Red Bull's Daily Note paper. Film by the Chance Collective.

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot at Barbican Centre, London

To anyone in London, you MUST see this show at the Barbican. I went last night and totally fell for it. Magical, natural, electric and a thing of wonder.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Seahawks friday download 5

Click HERE for our new Friday download - Spaced Cowboy part one.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Making of the Twike

Yet another 'making of' video lovingly created by Miss Cakehead, this time it's the creation of my Twike for East Festival which starts today.
Music by Monsters At Work

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Soft Rock Explosion - Big Chill Bar 10th March

Monsters At Work present-
"We blew the whole budget on Recording...."

We salute the 'Big West Coast 70's Studio Sound.

Celebrating the bygone, golden age of recording studios, big budgets, smooth rock and the west cost sound of the mid 70's to the early 80's in all its overblown and ultra produced glory. Myself and Jon Tye are joined by our very special guest Leo Zero, producer, remixer, art director and designer extraordinaire.
Leo's homepage
...and his myspace

Big Chill Bar Wednesday 10th march 1974
7pm-12am free entry
The Big Chill Bar
Dray Walk (off Brick Lane)
London E1 6QL

In Leo's own words...
I've got this image of a pipe smoking guy in a cable knit sweater carefully adjusting a Fairchild compressor worth tens of thousands of dollars....or a shot from the back of a Steely Dan album where they've just recorded the 50th different guitar solo take for Peg and have finally struck gold.

It's like sonic perfection was finally accomplished sometime in 1974 in a gargantuan studio in California called something like "Sea Haze" and ever since we've been marvelling at how and why nothing has ever sounded quite so syrupy-rich and gorgeous ever again....

One part BBC stereophonic workshop, one part George Lucas's Industrial Light and Magic, and one part country club (with cocaine instead of boiled sweats in a bowl on the reception) these places were the epicentre of all things Soft Rock, Yacht Rock, decadent and overblown.

The sonic elves & wizards who inhabited these realms where the cooler, hairier Californinan cousins of our chocolate brown clad open university type. With their original 'nerd chic' British 70's techies but with a technicolour LA / Frisco glow. Just like that Fast Show guy, but with valve amps instead of test tubes.

These Studios offered up A decades worth of incredibly lush headphone treats before slowly going a bit pear-shaped by the mid eighties. Just like Dirk Diggler's painful Boogie Nights recording session. It was all over by 1985 - all the drums had nasty gated tin can reverb and the haircuts we're more memorable than the music.

But for a while these places, and 'The Dan', 'The Mac', 'The Doobie's and all their contemporaries had hit musical perfection, with an audio mastering, and vinyl production zenith at the time to match.

To anyone with a decent pair of ears, these slabs of vinyl history make todays mp3s sound like a serious step backward... So tonight we'll be focusing on big, daft, 70's rock records that hit you like being tango'ed with a thick creamy wodge of Rhodes Piano and vocal harmony -
So tonight it's all about a "rich tapestry of sound / sonic landscapes / analogue warmth / dynamic range" - man.

Leo Zero.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Twike Flickr Pics

Here's the full set of Twike pics on Flickr

Hold down a chord though I don't advise cycling AND playing guitar though this looks like fun

Monday, 1 March 2010

It's a Twike!

Finally after much hard graftin' I'm proud to announce my Twike I've customised for Twitter and East Festival!
It'll be ridden around East London during the festival and you can click here for more info and follow it on Twitter there.
I'll be posting more pics and info about the Twike over the next few days but for now here is a wee snap.

Thanks to Emma, Nige and Bobby for making this possible. Cheers guys:)

Galleon Synth

Been drawing either galleons or synths and synths and galleons over the last few days.
Here's a couple of examples. How would they sound I wonder?

Happy St Dai's day

Friday, 26 February 2010

Seahawks Friday Download 4

With one half of Seahawks on foreign shores we have a break from our usual Friday Seahawks tune. Up for grabs is a mix of the music we love to pump out as we sail the seas. No track listing for this one but it ain’t rocket science to figure them out.

Enjoy and get it HERE

Friday, 19 February 2010

new Print available from Playbeast!

We've dug out some prints we had made from last year's Monsters Inked show at Idea Generation gallery and are selling them now at Playbeast. More info on the prints on Playbeast so check there, I've have to get outta here today!

Seahawks Download Friday 3

Good morning to all you sea dogs out there.
Marooned on land due to heavy seas, Seahawks chill in the tub with Mai Tais ‘n doobies and bring you this little shanty.
Our Friday download number 3.

Seahawks-Hot Tub

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Neat app on the iphone...

Au Secours. Art For Haiti

If any of you are in the area this Sunday please come down and visit this group show. All sales go towards the people of Haiti which I'm sure you will all agree is a VERY worthy cause.
Au Secours

Friday, 12 February 2010

New Seahawks Download 2

It's that time of week again when Seahawks offer their latest catch to download, this time with a movie to watch.


Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Moog 1992-2010

Very sad news last night to hear that my good friends Tom and Jenny's cat Moog passed away. Such an amazing cat to know and I raise a toast to her.
The most cosmic queen of cats.