Friday, 12 March 2010

Cate Le Bon

This is an amazing video for a beautiful song. Well done all, you rock (softly).

Cate Le Bon - Shoeing the Bones from casey raymond on Vimeo.

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Kassiya Redraven said...

Hey, Pete,
kind of unrelated but kind of urgent too. I tried e-mailing you the other day but it bounced back, so...
I'm an art student in London, and I wanted to know if you were available for helping me out with my work experience in late June/early July this year. It would be a maximum of two weeks (although, if you could not do the full two weeks, it could be shortened). I would love the opportunity to be your apprentice, however long for, as I admire your work immensely and am unsure as to how one could actually make money from art alone. I have references from my school and some of my amateur, adolescent artwork should you want it, but I would rather that correspondence was via e-mail rather than being made so public.
If you can't, it's no problem, but I just need to know before the deadline for organising this.
Thank you,
Kassiya Redraven.