Friday, 12 March 2010

Beaver Lake Cree vs Tar Sands

As well as risking runaway climate change, expanding tar sands developments in Alberta, Canada, are bringing about a local ecological disaster with profound consequences for indigenous communities such as the Beaver Lake Cree Nation.

Not willing to stand by and let this happen, the Beaver Lake Cree have launched a legal challenge to stop further tar sands developments within its ancestral lands, taking on not just the governments of Alberta and Canada, but also the world’s largest oil companies.

I'm very happy to announce my involvement and have designed two t-shirts to help raise funds for their challenge against the tar sands developers and the government.
Please give your support to this campaign if you can as we can't let 'the man' get away with this bulls**t.

Click here for more info

Many thanks.

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mr_thye said...

rad! now if only there were shirts in the xxl category I'd be set. Huskey guys like to fight the power to ya know.