Thursday, 26 November 2009


Space Weather Sounds illusion ship LP now available.
The Space Weather Sounds label was set up by Pete Fowler and Jon Tye at the start of 2009 to receive and transmit deep space sounds and vibrations.

Their first outing, as Monsters at Work was the soundtrack to a Zombie movie they've still yet to see (SWS001 edition of 40 C60 cassettes). A severely psychotic sound scape described by Jonny Trunk in Record Collector as 'the oddest release of the month...sounds like a forklift truck in a large aeroplane factory'.

The second release 'illusion ship' is a set of four extended pieces culled from rehearsals and a live performance at this years Big Chill festival. Hailed by one of the few brave enough to withstand the 90 minute sonic onslaught as ' like Whitehouse meets early Tangerine Dream'. 'illusion ship' comes in a soft poly case with hand made and numbered full colour labels and artwork. Available as a limited edition of 50 C60 cassettes.

A super limited edition version with full colour poster will be available soon from SWS, more news on ETA to follow...

The cassette is £5.00 + P&P and can be ordered directly from SWS. Please email for order enquiries (see below for P+P charges). We accept paypal and cash hidden in envelopes (for UK free postage!).

P+P is-
UK First Class £1.62
Europe £1.82
USA and rest of world £2.94

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Monsters At Work Big Chill Bar Dec 9th


 Come ye oh come ye...yule time is here again! 
And here we are to fry your starry minds, making them ready to receive the Christmas spirit, whose message is peace and love for all mankind. Right on, right on! So come on down, have a beverage and make your good self wiggle.
We'll be worshipping at the altar of all that is smooth and all that is righteous once more, blasting you with Doobies, McDonald, Todd and the 'Mac. As well as those  treats, we'll be plying you with spaced disco, dub and the sounds the Seahawks call 'Cosmic Yacht Rock'. We guarantee that you will be well and truly seasonally blasted

 Not only that but to ever increase your aural pleasure we have invited none other than the fiendish basement selector and psych magus Chris 'The Judge' Arthur. B-Music crew member, Cosmic Slop resident, international dancefloor arse mover and wondrous crate digger, The Judge blesses us like the three wise men with a bag of dancin' psyche, euro grooves and potentially an acid/baggy set!

See you there we hope for some awesome cosmic grooves n gravy.


Entry is free and we enter winter wonderland from 7-12.
Wednesday 9th December
Big Chill Bar,
91-95 Drays Walk (off Brick Lane)
London E2 6QL

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Space Weather Sounds forthcoming LP

About halfway through the production of our next release 'illusion ship' (SWS002) by Space Weather Sounds.
A 4 track LP with side A recorded during rehearsals/jams at Maker studio, and side B live at Eastnor. Again this is a cassette only release but this time on dead stock super tropical green tape, limited to 50 copies. We've taken both the music and the artwork a step further on this one adding full colour artwork, labels and sleeve notes picked up from the ether. There maybe some very limited CD promos floating around at some point soon so watch this space weather sounds...

HEAD show

Psyched to announce that I'll be contributing to the forthcoming HEAD show in Brighton that opens this coming Saturday 21st November. The show is being put together by Pinky and Prescription Art and features Neasden Control Centre, Pinky, Russell, Eco, Paris, Milk, Matt Sewell, Dan Mudwig and myself. The opening party is from 7pm and will feature psyched and smeared DJs plus a live set by the awesome Diagonal.

We're going to be painting the walls in the space so it's going to be a gung-ho show!
If you're in the East Sussex area come on over.

The Old Music Library
115-116 Church Street

Monday, 16 November 2009

Edward Woodward RIP

Gone to the great wickerman in the sky, so long Sargeant Howie.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

MAW Present WIzards At Work

Join Captain Jon Tye and myself Pete Fowler as we take the wheel again at the Big Chill Bar this coming Wednesday the 11th of November for another forage into sounds we dig.

No guest this month but we attempt to evoke the spirit of Todd Rundgren over the night with a bit of a mini tribute. No, he's far from dead, we know that! But in anticipation of him performing A Wizard A True LP star next February in London we will indulge you in a smattering of his tunes.
A true original gonzo / powerpop / balladeering / synth and axe wielding chap, we salute him, his studio madness and an ear for a fine tune.

Lots of people seem to be digging his stuff at the moment and we think it's time to give him props.

Todd's 'International Feel' used on Daft Punk's movie Electroma (excuse the lousy sound)

Hope to see you there.
P & J

The Big Chill Bar
91-95 Dray Walk Off Brick Lane

Monday, 2 November 2009

Fleetwood Mac

Saw Fleetwood Mac on friday night, awesome and one of the best gigs I have ever seen, full stop.
Up there with Big Black at the Newport Centre!

Let's hope they come up with the goods on a new LP but who knows....

Stolen Moments

The lovely Dan Canyon recently interviewed me for Stolen Moments, hosted by Spine Television in this month's quartet of subjects. Many thanks Dan!