Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Big Chill post mortem

Fun fun fun and more fun was had at Big Chill fest, thanks to a merry crew of shipmates on deck. Big shout out to Bobcat, Captain Tye, Mr Blackwell and Dan Joyce for taking the ship's wheel when needed! Dan has put together a trailer of the film he's making of the fest at the moment, here it is below.
If anyone knows where to get in touch with James and Harry (from the car thursday night) please get in touch! They have a bright future ahead of them if they made it to the end of the fest!

'Where the hell is Loggins?'

Monsterism TV Trailer from daniel joyce on Vimeo.


Josh Holliday said...

Wondrous set down at Eastnor but what was the tracklisting for the first hour?! Please- was the perfect wake-up call for a Sunday morning. Marvelous.

Anonymous said...

Bonjournio Mr Fowler. We did make it to the end of the festival. Well Harry has only just made it back last Wednesday but all in one piece at least! How do I contact you? Can't see an email address. Obviosly don't want to speak too much on here bearing in mind the patents are still pending on the drivers mates mate.

Bye for now