Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Finished Billboard!

After baking in the sun for a day and a half I can reveal the finished Psychedelic Yacht Rock billboard. A tribute to those sailing the stormy cosmic seas in search of skyships. The piece is situated next to the red London routemaster in the Truman Brewery carpark and is on display for around 6 weeks. There's a beach 'style' bar next to it so why not have a Pina Colada next to it and whistle some Rupert Holmes.
Sail on sailor!


Jon said...

Pete, that's incredible!

I wish I could see it in person, but the Atlantic Ocean is currently in the way.

Keep up the great work.

Jon said...

absolutely awesome!!!

pete fowler said...

Thanks guys! It was sweaty work:0

mr_thye said...

well worth it! such a great piece. I would love nothing more than to bask in it glory and sip on a pina colada if I could

Heyitsmrb said...

I actually see myself moving toward a more wavy/flat style and im really enjoying it. You are an inspiration lol