Tuesday, 16 June 2009

My music's on telly!

More 4 have been using my Barred Growl/Chocolate Skull track on their promo for tonight's True Stories documentary.
Well worth a watch if you're turned on by the Fortean, mysterious or things falling from the skies...

More 4 10:00pm-11:40pm (1 hour 40 minutes) Tue 16 Jun
True Stories: Close Encounters in Siberia
In 1908, a huge explosion shook a remote region of Siberia, with the epicentre of the phenomenon occuring near the Tunguska river. However, all that was found on investigating the area was 80 million uprooted trees lying in neat rows. 100 years later, filmmaker George Carey headed for the remote region, where he joined communities of mystics, amateur sleuths and scientists dedicated to solving the mystery surrounding the event.


Tyler said...

I saw some article a while ago about Monsterism being picked up by Disney. Is this still happening?

PS, I adore your work. SFA covers, Mosnterism, and other random things. You are one of my favorite artists. Keep it up, man!

pete fowler said...

Indeed it is but v early days with the project so have been reluctant to promote it yet. A few more hurdles to leap yet but keeping all fingers and toes crossed on this cartoon. Been trying to get it it off the ground for YEARS! Its not going to be monsterism, not in name anyway...
Thanks for your kind comments and I hope you continue to dig my work.
all the beast, Pete