Tuesday, 23 June 2009

HOT 110 Interview

I feel this is me, me, me but it is my blog! The nice people at HOT 110 came to my studio and did a wee interview. I like the bit where I'm making tea, that's real tea not TV tea by the way.

Hot110 Interview with Pete Fowler from Hot 110 on Vimeo.


Gregory said...


I saw a guy the other day with a green t-shirt on and I thought to myself that somebody is copying Pete Fowler. It looked really good though so I went online when I got home and it was great to see that they were the real thing.

They all look fabulous - but sadly I will not be getting one because I need XXL (not because I'm lardy, honest, just basketball tall (and a bit tubby to be fair). Shame.

Good luck with them anyway, and good luck with the show in August.

Jon said...

Always love seeing the shop and where all the creativity happens!

Picked up a good majority of the boxfresh collection, just missing a few tees.

The cardigan rocks!

Looking forward to seeing the next exhibition, best wishes!

Ste said...

Wow I love Bricklane!

shianne said...

That was fanstasic. The highlight... YOUR SOCKS!