Friday, 27 March 2009

New mix uploaded to Brandysnaps

Just in the process of uploading a new 45min mix I've done for the Brandysnaps Oddcast page.
Should be up sometime this afternoon web conncection pending!


Paul McDonald said...

Now thats how a Friday afternoon should be spent!! and I look forward to listening to it tonight whilst hunched over my drawing board!!!

Top work on the Artrocker cover by the way Mr.Fowler (we get it at the office)..shame the SFA Article it represented would have fitted on a matchbox!!!

pete fowler said...

Actually did it late last night but didnt get round to uploading it until just now (I should be working!). It's up there ready to listen to, hope you like it, touches on exotica, early electronics, Middle eastern psyche and trad amongst other bits.
Glad you like the sfa cover for artrocker, I agree on the size, never mind, good photos though! bunf on the constant burn!

Paul McDonald said...

Im rubbing my ears together in anticipation sir!!
the Bunf pics were genius were'nt they!

mr_thye said...

totally off topic question(but brought about by the picture of this post): if TRWG could hold any one record in his hands what record would it be?

pete fowler said...

Been absent from the kenny bloggins for a wee bit. Tough question there Mr Thye...can I give you his top three? Including classic LPs from Monsterism Island?

1.Original copy of Erkin Koray's LP 'Elektronik Turkuler'
2.Banny Shalkram s/t first LP original (biscuit vinyl)
3.Magnificent Otter LP Maxxi Areyouare Maxxi

Ear floss!

pencilface said...

really enjoyed this (all all the other odddcast mixes) - - that Eden's Island track is the business! that LP always seems to be a little bit out of my price range, though.
i'm sure i've had that Golden Avatar LP before, don't rememebr anything good on it , though - -i'll have to rescue the next one i see in a charity shop!

good work.